Saturday, August 2, 2008

Time Out Spot

Yesterday I had to put Lincoln in time out 4 different times for climbing up onto the kitchen island and turning on the faucet and squirting water everywhere. We have not totally decided on our favorite method of discipline yet. But for Linc this does work sometimes. My sister in law Brie gave us this Time Out Spot Mat and we put it in the Dinning room away from everything!

Well after the 4th time out in 20 min., I asked him if he was going to do it again, thinking that he would say no, and then I would let him get up and that issue would be done, but he just kept smiling and when I asked he actually had the nerve to say "yes". So I asked again, "are you going to do that again?" I thought he just did not understand the question, but he said "yes" again. I then was convinced he did not know what he was saying. I did not think that literally 2 min. later he would keep his word by doing it all over AGAIN!

When I walked around to the kitchen and he saw me, he turned the water off, got down and walked directly to the dinning room and sat on his Time Out Mat! Smiling the whole time!

So, I am selling a Time Out Mat. Any bidders?

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Veggie Tales Birthday

We decided to have a Veggie Tales Birthday party for Linc's 2nd B-Day. This was the first time that I was able to give him a party here in Chicago. Last year we were in AZ for his B-Day. For those of you that know Lincoln he LOVES Bob the tomato! So, I went a little crazy. We had Bob fruit snacks and I made Bob party hats, Bob center pieces for the tables, Bob and Larry Cakes, a Bob pinata, pin the nose on Bob game, and of course a Bob trash can!

I took pictures of Linc. in a Bob Costume to send out on the e-vite. When the RSVP's started coming in, there were 47 people coming! This included 19 children! To my surprise there were very few people gone on vacation!

I put together party bags filled with veggie tales stuff, and I cut and pasted 20 bob faces, and pasted them onto red party hats. I also found out that making a soccer ball pinata into Bob was pretty easy!

I cut out 20 bob noses for the pin the nose on Bob game, and I even made bob center pieces out of the Bob Veggie Tales fruit snack boxes. Needless to say, the whole time I am preparing for this event, Linc is going crazy wanting to play with everything, and I in my effort to make his birthday the VERY BEST it could be, I kept threatening him with a time out if he ruined the bob hats before the party! :-)

My most proud moment of the week was the making of the two cakes. My cousin showed me how to use fondant when she was visiting, and I thought, well it can't be that hard, and I am sure it won't take very long! So, I waited until Lincoln went to bed, the night before the party, and then I started. Todd informed me that he thought I should make 2 cakes because one was not going to be enough with so many people coming. So, I decided to make a Bob and a Larry cake. Now fondant is very fun to work with but, not quite as easy as I originally thought, though the next time I do it, it won't be as hard. I would strongly suggest not turning it RED! It took SOOOOOO LONG to make sure that Bob did not look light pink! But when I finished at around 2:00 am! I thought they looked pretty good. As I laid in bed trying to sleep I kept thinking "Oh no! What if they only look good @ 2:00 am and when I wake up you are not going to even be able to tell what or who they are?"

But, I finally was able to fall asleep, and at around 4:00am Todd awoke with a very bad sore throat and ear ache. It was so bad that he thought he needed me to get up and help him! I believe his words were, "Sara, I am not sure that I am going to make it through the night! I think I have a fever of 105.0! So, I got up and took his temp. He was right he did have a fever, but it only was 100.6. His response to this was that the thermomiter must be broken!
He finally was able to go to sleep and I am happy to inform you all that he did make it! Though I told him that if he did not, we would of had to postpone any arrangements for him until after the birthday party, because I had worked really hard on it! The other option I guess would have been to have had a Veggie Tale themed funeral. I had plenty of Bob hats and goodie bags!

The party was a lot of fun, and Linc had a great time! When he saw the balloons and the hats and the cakes he just kept saying Bob, over and over again. When I scheduled it I thought that 2 hours would be plenty of time! But, by the time the kids went into the kiddie pools and then we ate there was only 45 min. left. I quickly started getting the cakes ready so we could sing. When everyone was done singing, and Linc. had blown out the candles, he looked at all of our friends and said "More"!

Then it was time to eat cake and do the pinata. I did not think about how the kids might feel using a bat to beat Bob the tomato over the head, until I was standing there with them all lined up to take a turn! Luckily no one seemed too scared. After everyone had a turn hitting Bob, and collecting their candy, I realized that Linc had not gotten any cake! Somehow we had given it to everyone else, but him. He now had a sucker from the pinata so, to my surprise, he did not want any of his delicious, beautiful, Bob cake. I had to really control myself from trying to make him eat this birthday cake that I had slaved so long and hard over!

As people were leaving I realized I had forgoten to give many of the kids their Bob hats! Also, lots of kids had left their personalized goodie bags (how dare them)! And I cut 20 Bob noses for nothing! We did not have enough time for the pin the nose on Bob game. But, all in all it was a lot of fun to celebrate Linc's life with friends.

When everything was cleaned up and Linc. was asleep, I went in and looked at him and I thought about how tired I was from the the past week of prep., but how I would gladly do it all over again just to hear him say "Bob" with his big smile! I know that it won't be long before he won't want people to sing "more", and before he doesn't care about Bob the tomato or Larry the cucumber, so while he does I am going to buy lots of glue sticks! Cuz, you can paste your kids favorite character, on just about anything with a few of those!